Old Fashioned Holiday Roast

This past Holiday Season we introduced a “New” Roast. Our Old Fashioned Holiday Roast is  cut from our Center Cut Sirloin and has been barderd and tied. It really is a wonderful roast that  gives a great presentation with out a lot of fuss.


Barded is an old technique that most of have used without knowing the term for it. Anytime you have cooked something wrapped in bacon you have barded. Barding is wrapping a leaner cut of meat with fat.  This helps add flavor and keeps the leaner meat moist.


When I cooked this roast I did a salt and pepper rub all over it before I seared it in a skillet.  The skillet I used has no handle so I am also able to use it in my oven. Once I seared the roast i removed from the skillet. I placed Rosemary, Tyme and two cloves of crushed Garlic as a bed for the Roast to cook on.

Herb Bed

I also placed a few sprigs of Rosemary and Tyme on the top of the roast before placing it back in the oven. I had my oven at 200ºF  cook until you have reached your desired temperature.

I made a quick gravy out of the drippings left in the pan. I did use a fat separator first to get as much of the fat out that I could. I added about a teaspoon and a half of cornstarch to about 3 tablespoons of Milk once the cornstarch was dissolved I added it to the skillet and let it heat up just enough to thicken the drippings. Oh man was it amazing or what! Remove the butchers twine and fat before serving. The next time I make this I want to try and make a Yorksire Pudding (Alton Brown’s recipe) with the drippings!


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A Day at Roseda Farm

This past Saturday, Roseda Farm had the pleasure of celebrating the grand opening of the Roseda Farm store. It was so much fun to see so many people turn out to show their support to the farm and see what goes on there. In the store, not only is there Roseda beef, but also locally grown vegetables, Righteous Felon Jerky, and a painting of the farm,  from a local artist, Lisa Mitchell, available to purchase.

Waiting for Steak Burgers and Hot Dogs

Waiting for Steak Burgers and Hot Dogs

There were Steak Burgers and Hot Dogs on the grill, and a wonderful hayride around the farm for all to enjoy.

Steak Burgers, and Roseda Hot Dogs on the grill

Steak Burgers, and Roseda Hot Dogs on the grill

The hayride was hosted by Kristen who gave a great tour and provided information about the cows and calves. The calves in the picture below are from August. There are more mothers expecting soon. It was a great celebration!

Cows coming to say Hi to us on the hayride!

Cows coming to say “Hi” to us on the hayride!

The farm store hours are Tuesday through Friday 10 am to 6 pm, and Saturday 10 am to 4 pm. Phone number is 410-472-2697. Feel free to come out and say “hi!”

15317 Carroll Road, Montkon, MD 21111

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Cheeseburger Pizza

When I was a kid we used to make Cheeseburger Pizza and I thought that it was the most amazing thing ever….But I haven’t had it in well over a decade, that is until this last Friday night. I had been trying to figure out a way to put Roseda Beef on a pizza my mom kindly reminded me of Cheeseburger Pizza. I forgot how wonderful it truly is.

1lb Ground Beef
Cheddar Cheese
Pizza Dough

We used homemade pizza dough and homemade pickles. While the dough was rising I browned the ground beef, shred the cheddar cheese, diced the onions, cubed the tomatoes and cut pickles up. After I cut the pickles I placed them on a paper towel to dry so as not to get a soggy pizza. Since it is still warm enough to cook on the grill that is what we did. Use your pizza stone just like on the meatloaf.

Mayonnaise, mustard, and ketchup spread.

Mayonnaise, mustard, and ketchup spread.

After rolling out the pizza dough to the desired size we cooked the crust for a few minutes just enough to
make it easier getting on and off the grill once loaded down with toppings.

First put a layer of Mayonnaise down then your desired amount of Ketchup and Mustard down. Spread out evenly.

Now you are ready to add your ground beef, tomatoes, pickles, onion…followed by your cheddar cheese. Put on the grill or in the oven till your crust is crisp and cheese is melted.

2014-09-19 19.22.21 2014-09-19 19.38.33

Enjoy! ~ Paula

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Onion Blue Burger

1 lb Roseda Ground Beef
Black Pepper
Blue Cheese
1 Green Pepper
1 Medium Onion

Mix ground beef with Salt and Pepper to taste shape into burgers. Chill in fridge for about 20 minutes.

Slice the green pepper and medium onion. Saute and set aside.

Once your burger is cooked almost to your preferred temperature add 2 tablespoons of the sauteed green pepper and onion on top of your burger. Place some of your blue cheese on top of this and allow to melt. Once you have reached you preferred temperature pull off of the heat a let rest for a few minutes to maximize your eating experience.

Onion Blue Burger

Onion Blue Burger