Garlic Onion Jam Wine Glaze New York Strip

Earlier this summer we had the pleasure of helping Graul’s Market at the Ruxton location with a Friday Night Lights cookout and made the most excellent find of Garlic Onion Jam by Stonewall Kitchen. Sounded like something we needed to use in a recipe with our beef.  Life happened and we got busy and it sat waiting for us to remember that we had it. Seeing Many Sparrows Blog using this same jam jogged our memory that we had this delicious treat waiting for us. Now we had to figure out what to do with it….New York Strips….We haven’t done a steak in a long while. What else to do with it though…..Off to Graul’s Market we went for inspiration.

Graul's Market in Ruxton

Graul’s Market in Ruxton

We knew we wanted to thin the Garlic Onion Jam with a red wine so that we could put it on the New York Strips as they grilled, and also to spray on the New York Strips. What else to go with the New York Strips was the next question……What do we see when we walk in…….Fresh Sweet Corn…..LOCAL Sweet Corn…..From Baltimore County.

Local Sweet Corn at Graul's Market

Local Sweet Corn at Graul’s Market

Grilled corn….YUM! For our grilled corn we also got Parmesan Cheese.(Will be posting the recipe for the corn and potatoes soon) All we needed now was the wine. Graul’s Ruxton also has their own wine shop with knowledgeable staff to help you pick out what will pair wonderfully with what you are eating.  They suggested Espelt Garnacha Old Vines.

Our Spoils From Graul's Market In Ruxton

Our Spoils From Graul’s Market In Ruxton

Once home we put a little Sea Salt on the New York Strips, and started the grill. While the grill was heating up I mixed together about 1/4 C of the Garlic Onion Jam with 1/2 C of the Espelt Garnacha Old Vines, and 1/2 tsp of Sriracha. You want the consistency to allow for easy spreading with a brush. Also we put some of the Espelt Garnacha in a spray bottle for spritzing the New York Strips with while on the grill.

The spritzing not only adds flavor by caramelizing on the New York Strip but it also helps pull the smoking flavor from the grill into the meat. We sprayed it about 6 times or so. 

New York Strips Being Spritzed with

New York Strips Being Spritzed with Espelt Garnacha

Once the New York Strips are seared on both side start brushing on the Garlic Onion Wine glaze.  Finish cooking till steaks have reached desired temperature. Let rest for a few minutes once you have pulled it off the heat and finally enjoy!

Almost Finished. New York Strip with Garlic Onion Sauce, and Smashed Potatoes

Almost Finished. New York Strip with Garlic Onion Glaze, and Smashed Potatoes


About Roseda Beef

Roseda Beef is a family-operated business, started in 1999. We are a farm dedicated to raising the finest Black Angus beef. From cattle fed only on grass, soybean meal, corn, hay and fresh water, with grain to finish. We use no growth hormones. No chemical additives. No antibiotics, unless medically necessary. We emphasize quality over quantity. We dry-age every cut of our beef the old-fashioned way, for a delightful tenderness, and fuller, richer flavor. Our goal is simple: to provide the finest beef you’ll ever eat – with attentive, enthusiastic service from the people who raise it. Because that’s what you, our customers, have told us you look forward to when you buy Roseda Beef.
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